Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Princess Review -Not completed

This Rom com is more than I expected. I went into it not expecting much but it end up providing many hours of joy and fun as well plenty of heart fluttering moments. The plot may be the "typical" poor heroine meets rich inheritor but the attention to detail given to the production and script, the witty and refreshing script, and amazing chemistry between Kim Tae Hee and Song Seung Heon make this romantic comedy way above average of the genre.

The Characters.

The male lead Pak Hae Yong(HY) played by Song Seung Heon is the perfect man - being an intelligent, handsome, rich grandson of a mega rich chaebol, he is also successful in his own career as a diplomat. Other characters in the show say that he is "humble, mature and dignified" The humble, matured and dignified diplomat turns out to be an adolescent whenever he is with the Princess, Kim Tae Hye's character in the show

Kim Tae Hye's character is a bubbly college student who found suddenly found out that she is the Princess of Korea. Kim Tae Hye is simply cute and adorable in this role and shows a good range of emotions. This is my first time watching her show and is quite surprise to read that she was frequently criticized for her lack of emotional range in other shows.

Episode 1-4
The first 4 episodes are breezy and fun. The plot moved very fast and is simply captivating

Episode 5-8
The reversal of roles and more funny moments -The characters start to realize their feelings for each other. Beginning of angst

Episode 9-12
Angst and more angst. Confessions

Episode 13 -Ending.
Romance scenes aplenty - smoke screen for the plot holes? HY's character has been consistent up to this point. He is

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