Saturday, October 24, 2015

Nirvana in Fire Series Overview

Nirvana in Fire  or 琅琊榜 is one gem of a drama series. The story which revolves around a The Count of Monte Cristo like character who returned to seek justice and revenge when all thought he was dead.
 {--- SPOILERS AHEAD----} The drama begins in a brutal battle field 12 years from the story time line. We later learned that the 70000 strong army lead by a celebrated General Marshall was eliminated under orders by the King. the General Lin, together with a highly regarded Prince, Prince Qi were charged with treason and their family, allies and anyone who dared speak up for them were executed. Our hero, the son of the General, Lin Shu somehow survived and spent 12 years using a different identity, Mei Chang Shu/ Shu Zhe, (We will call him Shu.) making plans and preparation to seek justice for those die. At the beginning of the story, there are hints that the time Shu have is limited due to his health. As the story unfolds, we learn more and more about what happened 12 years ago, the people behind it and at the same time marvel at how Shu take them down one by one. Revenge and justice are however, not the only or even the central theme. Shu have in his plan something bigger. As the story progress, Shu's health deteriorates, more of his friends learn of his real identity and we see more of the legacy Shu wants to leave after he is gone. Besides an intriguing story, there are plenty of eye candies, superb acting, costumes, sceneries, and plenty of bromance and an extremely touching romance that is given way too little screen time.

Check out the Trailer :

I thought the Trailer thoroughly show the epic quality of this drama series but it have a very traditional quality that may feel a little slow for some. So here are some theme song MVs too.

《风起时》 Main Theme

《红颜旧》 Faded Beauty


《赤血长殷》 Red Blood

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